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Doesnt feel anything about ps-like filther, but was inspired and interested by inventory and movement, how they're feel. Thats my weakness, and thats why i wait for next updates and development. Nice job (Also stuck after exiting morgue with handgun. Had 8 bullets, but HUD shows only 1, weapon is gone and i cant move, but thats okay for me, at least thats only demo, but i already like it)

*just now saw soft-lock warning in description*

a dude, once dead, fell on me and I got stuck. I couldn't move in any direction not one bit

Hey, love the game, is there any way I can support you and the development?

Appreciate you taking the time to check out my demo! This project is no longer in development unfortunately, and I just do dev as a hobby. You can follow me on Twitter if you'd like! @JasozzGames

estas desperdiciando algo hermoso mucha gente le gusta este juego pero lastimosamente no esta en desarrollo :/

Very good game. I love it. That game remind me of Silent hill. I want full version dude.

Made a video of the demo, I really enjoyed it and was wondering if there are any plans into making it into a full length game ? 

It reminded me a lot of Silent hill with the shorter draw distance and the fog usage. I really love the ps1 styled graphics, it makes it feel that much spookier.

Looking forward to what you'll make in the future.

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Hiya. I tried to play your game today, during a Twitch stream. I was really enjoying the game. However, I had (well, still have, as it has not been fixed) an issue with the game freezing on me. I went into the cafeteria, went and got the gun in the back room and killed the guy in that room. I left that room, but when I left the cafeteria to go into the hallway, the game freezes. I tried continuing from the checkpoint; I tried going back to the main menu and then hitting "continue;" I even closed the game, and reopened it, and whenever I hit "continue" I am still stuck, frozen in the hallway. The weird thing is (at least to me it is weird, idk), the  menu comes up when I hit Tab...but I still cannot move anywhere. 

Edited to add a couple of clips so you can see what occurred:

Unrelated to that issue, I still couldn't change  my keybindings, even though the dev note says it is available in options.  

This was a pretty cool game.  It reminded about the first few resident evil games.  The chapel was pretty creepy and the atmosphere was awesome.  Keep up the good work!

Great game i was suprised to how good it looked and handled for a demo. didnt encounter any bad bugs through my playthrough and i cant wait for the full release. one thing tho will the game have a price tag on full release?


Outta the three games I played in this video, this was definitely my favorite. My favorite part was the creepy encounter on the chapel part, now that was really good and creepy. Was really fun to play. Keep up the great work!

Really enjoyed this! Ran into a bug where I discarded my handgun but it was still in my hands and i think that caused the game to break lol other then that this was a lot of fun! 

Gave it a go...

Hey Developer you guys made a great game!! It was so good I recommend Everyone to check this Game Out!! Keep Up the Good Work Guys.!! Sorry For The Late Review. I hope my review help to make more improvement in your game guys. Keep Up the Great Work!! Everyone check out my full review in my channel if you guys like what I do subscribe, And continue support your bro by watching video. Thank you all!! 

This game reminds me a lot about Resident Evil! This was definitely a fun game for me to play! However I did have some issues while playing... First, in the radiology room I somehow gotten items that I wasn't supposed to already have (if that makes sense). Like when an "event" was triggered I somehow got an ID card (which I did not have yet), some handgun ammo (I think), a key (I think to the chapel or the morgue), and another axe and gun. Second, in the women's restroom (Lol that sounds perverted) I somehow stopped the whole game from working (basically everything froze). I was still able to go to my inventory and options to mess around. Maybe it happened when I took the ID card while equipping or switching into my weapon? Or my computer could be just trash. Speaking about trash, my computer was able to run this game pretty good but I noticed some lag outside of the rooms in the hospital (it looked like frames were being skipped) and also huge lag in the morgue (probably my computer can't handle the particles). HOWEVER!!! This didn't stop me from having lots of fun and getting scared! Maybe some optimization could help for people like me that have trash computers? I can't wait to see the finished creation! I realized that there could have been areas I might have not explored yet (like the morgue xD). I really appreciate it when my computer is able to run games like this (most of the time I can't). Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

Yeah I accidentally left in a debug function that adds items to your inventory which is breaking the game for some people. The new version (v5) has this removed. Thanks for playing!

Beat the demo in around 12 minutes. I have to say this is a pretty impressive game so far. Pretty much all the issues I had are either personal preference issues (for example, I think the game would be a bit more immersive if you didn't see the protagonist's hand when using the axe, I just think it looks kinda weird) or issues that the dev has already stated will be fixed (a lot of the hospital feels a bit barren). I'm excited to see this get finished.

Really cool game! I gave the game a shot!

i was skeptical at first since there are so many survival horror games out there, but this was really enjoyable and didn't feel stale at all. the low light and audio cues added a lot to the creepy atmosphere, and it made me really nostalgic for PS1 horror games. 
i had some issues with things being unclickable in the inventory sometimes, and i can't figure out how to reload the handgun. i think i might have pressed the flashlight button or something when i ran out of bullets the first time and after that i couldn't reload. it was in the women's restroom i think?
i think it's working up to being a really solid game, i'm gonna keep track of this one


The new v5 download has a couple of bugfixes that -might- help with the reloading issue, but I've been unable to replicate this one on my end so far so I'm not sure what's causing it.

What are the system Requirements? I tried to install and it said its not compatible, but my computer has  pretty good specs so I don't know if its a bug or not.

Should run on any 64-bit Windows system. Requirements are pretty low, spec-wise.


One of the best indie horror demos I've played, good job!


Played this for a free indie horror and a recommendation actually. Was skeptical at first as i play a TON of indie horrors, but i was quite surprised with how well made this game is. The animations are great, movement is great, combat is fine and the SH2 and RE7 vibes i get are fucking AWESOME. Nice SH2 locked door sounds btw lol. really REALLY enjoyed this demo and i'm very much looking forward to the release of the full game. You can watch my playthrough as well as my full in-depth review of the game below! 

Sadly there is not Inver Y so this game also is unplayable for me :/

Will working on adding this

Added! The new v5 download includes an Invert-Y

Holy shit! That was quick! Thank you man! I will stream this at some point tonight!

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Incredible foundation for a game to be built from. I love the design of the menu system.


Such a sick game!!

Took me about half an hour of solid gameplay, i loved the graphics and the overall atmosphere of the game. The fact that this is only a demo blows my mind!

Best game I've played on itch so far by a mile



Really great game. The atmosphere, the sound effects, the events are all really well done. I was however unable to continue at one point and reloading didn't help. 


Absolutely fantastic! The atmosphere was tense for the entirety of my playthrough. I really hope this is released as a full game sometime soon! Great job


Gave it a good go, a part 2 will be coming tomorrow, definitely has potential for it to be a larger/longer game if given enough polish and a good story, the aesthetics, environment and enemies blend together well - only issues is potentially the length where if its too short that'd be a bad thing - but the most blatant offender is of course the Bugs which there are a bad few. It's potential can be, either way, as great as you wish to pour your passion into this and the time it needs.


This game was absolutely incredible