A downloadable game for Windows


- Fixed 2 game-breaking generation bugs

- Added item-drop tip to tutorial

Condemned and cast down into The Pit, you must fight for your life through a number of perilous dungeons. Use weapons and magic to defeat your enemies as you conquer each dungeon and get closer to your redemption.

Dungeon Break DDX Demo features 2 dungeons and one boss fight, for a total of 7 levels. This build does support gamepads and rebindable controls.

You can follow the development of Dungeon Break at jasozz.tumblr.com

Thanks for checking it out!

Install instructions

Download and play. No installation required.

Gamepads are auto-detected on launch, but can be switched in options.


DungeonBreak_DDX_v004.exe 233 MB


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Your game is fantastic, I'm speechless. If you do updates and play on the kickstarter you will surely have a future. great game!

Hello, Jasozz! I wonder - how to contact you by email or on FaceBook? :)

Hey! You can find my contact info on my itch profile.


fantastic sound design and good music
good animation and the font used is pretty unique, added a sense of authenticity
the part of the hud on the top left is a little too big IMO, not that big of a deal
gameplay was pretty fun, everything moves at a brisk pace which I liked; I didn't like not being able to attack while crouching but maybe you're doing that for balance purposes
the metroid-style map is nice to have but I think the individual squares need to be just a bit bigger