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its quittin' time and there are skellies everywhere! you don't get paid for overtime so book it to the first floor and get out of the office!

run through randomly arranged mazes and beat skeletons to pieces with your fists

in the event of a game-breaking bug feature you can press HOME to restart

This game was made in a few days for the So Bad It's Good Jam

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
TagsFirst-Person, maze, Procedural Generation, randomly-generated, Skeletons

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GraveyardShift.exe 25 MB


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What a great game! I had so much fun playing this. I was gonna say that I wish there was a sequel to it but it looks like there is! Haha, nice!

best pixelart Game

best game ever also very spooky

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I use this word extremely often, but this game is very aesthetical. If you would make it FNAF type or something like that, it would be unironically scary. This game is just a funny joke nothing more. Also i recommend you to distrot the sound to make it even worse and scarier. 6/10

Amazing game!

But it ends when you reach the elevator on floor 2? (Not, say, a door on floor 1?)


In a weird way I did like this game. The art reminded me of 90's shooters so that was awesome.  Exploding skeletons, awesome. I'm glad you added a skeleton noise in or I wouldn't have been able to find the last few on a level.

It might help if you put some signs or graphics up on the walls so I didn't keep back tracking by accident.  The other would be to make your run mode way faster. It was more like walk and brisk walk. 

This game is so bad that it is good, But seriously I enjoyed it!