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You can't get a good night's sleep anymore. There's some kind of unholy commotion going on in the graveyard and it's putting you way behind on your beauty sleep. I guess that's why the property was so cheap, huh?

Tonight, you've had enough. You grab your trusty pistol and set out to return peace and quiet to the neighborhood.


This title is a pre-pre-pre alpha. It will contain many bugs. Dungeons are still pretty repetitive while I work on game features - content is a bit slower right now.

It has ONLY been tested on Windows at 1920x1080, on the Ultra preset. Results may be pretty wacky on other settings.

Aside from checking controls in Options, there's no real tutorial here, so here's a few nuggets to help you along-

  • You have one sidearm slot and two primary weapon slots. The Broomhandle, Makarov, and Sawed Off Jr. are sidearms -  the rest of the weapons are primaries. You can only hold one sidearm so you'll always swap out if you pick up a new one, but with primaries, they'll go into an empty slot if available, or whichever slot you have equipped if not available. 
  • You can mantle onto a ledge that's above you by hitting jump again in mid-air while looking at the ledge. Handy for climbing around on stuff you can't quite reach!
  • You can press Interact (E) to climb on ladders


UnholyCommotionDD29v002.zip 75 MB


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Game is fast and fun

Intuitive controls

Bought a potion but couldn't figure out how to use it

Nice music and graphics

Nice enemy variety (caged skellies gave me a giggle)

Thanks for playing! Watched your stream. Potions are broken apparently :(

Also apparently the bullet hit detection is totally messed up at < 60FPS framerates - noticed a ton of direct hits just passing straight through enemies on your stream, so I'll have to look into that!


At one point I got stuck in one of the rooms even though enemies had stopped spawning and I killed all of them. I was able to see one other skeleton who had spawned in the next room but I couldn't shoot them through the portcullis. Maybe it was detecting that skeleton thinking it was one from my room and holding the doors closed?

I think what happens is TNT skellies who self detonate don't get properly removed from the trap tables sometimes. I was able to reproduce a couple of times where the room was stuck shut because the game was reporting that a dead TNT Skelly was still alive


Buying a health potion took away 250 coins but didn't restore any health... I tried it twice :(

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Actually, I guess sometimes buying potions from the seller doesn't apply them until you start the next floor.

Couldve sworn I fixed this - thanks for letting me know!

hey there! really liked this project, was wondering if you plan on finishing hemogoblin?


Probably not - the code is pretty bad and the scope is a bit too large. I do want to start on a new horror game at some point though, and re-focus the PS1 aesthetic.

I noticed a possible bug when reloading the Broomhandle. Whatever gets thrown off the gun, (assuming it's the spent magazine,) will break pots on contact. Unsure if this was intentional.

Not a bug! The flicked stripper clip is a 1dmg projectile

Neato DeVito. It caught my attention because I was waiting to finish reloading, and shoot the pot in front of me. It kind of *handled* itself ;D